How We Started

Owner and seamstress Jami Petersen began her career as a designer/ seamstress creating dresses for dolls while she was a stay at home single mother of 6. Jami knew she loved sewing and always felt it was a gift and that there was something more for her to do with her talent. She was able to support her family by sewing alone for many years. Jami's creations went from doll dresses to dance costumes for many years. She loved watching her creations come to life on stage.

 Feeling grateful for the support that sewing costumes was to her and her family, Jami found herself crying out countless times saying, " I don't want to do this anymore". The thought would come to her, "well what do you want to do?" It was then that she decided to design some unique fun and exciting pants to make those around her smile. The first pair of pants she created were a hit and she instantly was asked to showcase her design on the hit show Dance Moms. From that point forward Jami has continued to create exactly what she feels inspired to create. Her love for life shines right through her designs and brightens up everyone's day who wears her Swags.